Vivosun User Guide & FAQ

The top right of the forum you will see the magnifying glass, the 3 lines, and your user avatar.
The magnifying glass ='s the search function, you can use this to search for topics that may be posted already.
The 3 lines is where you will be able to choose a category, see recent posts, and lots more.
Your profile picture is where you will be able to find notifications, Dms, and see your stats/ summary so far.

At the bottom of the posts you have the option to like, reply, flag, and share the post in a link.
Below the posts you should also be able to turn on notifications as well as bookmark the page so you can return at a later date.

To change your avatar you can click on the profile picture ( right of the 3 lines) then go to preferences ( the little person all the way to the right) then down to preferences, In here you can change most information about yourself and your profile.

How to post a thread
On the home page ( click the vivosun logo) you will see an button that says +new topic.
By clicking this it allows you to create a topic, you can then choose a category for it to go into

Once you pick a category, you can then hit +Create topic and the topic will be posted.

How to post photos
This box here will allow you to post photos on your topics, or someone else’s. You can also drag and drop photos onto the text box and it will upload that way.