Can somebody please help..!

I have all Vivosun brand indoor grow equipment at the moment. Can anyone tell me if the Vivosun smart controller work with any other brands of equipment? For instance can my Vivosun equipment run Ac Infinity branded equipment? Are they compatible


Listed below compatible A/C Infinity fans with the grow hub controller.

AC Infinity: Cloudline A, B, S, T series with C type connectors: Type C ports (A/B)

AC Infinity: Cloudline with molex connector: Type C Ports (A/B) with fan adaptor.

Cheers schnook61

I keep seeing evidence this thing can do more, but no real instructions or promotion. Like look at this, it comes with a usb to molex from walmart… which suggests it has the ability to control digital io in general like a plc. I have the feeling the rj11 outputs are the same, but its a single output point, not seralized… cant paste a link here for some reason.

If you also look in the app, instructions, there is a picture of an upcoming power device… but no evidence it exist.

Sure would be nice to figure out how i could use this thing to control my pump