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Hello I’m a first time grower I wanted to know a few things, first I’m using hydroponics dwc bucket with Rockwool and clay pebbles I’ve started a germ and I wanted to know what lighting percentage should it be on ?I have it on 35 percent at about 24 in high in I’m using a 2x 4 grow tent with the 100kw light I have the full setup from VIVOSUN grow lights,hub,bucket 5 gallon etc and also I set up the clay pebbles first then the Rockwool cube with seed then more clay pebbles to cover the cube is that the correct way ? Thank you I appreciate it
1st question- what lighting percentage for germ/seedling I have it on 35%
2nd question- I have a 5 gallon dwc bucket from VIVOSUN how do I properly set up the clay pebbles and Rockwool