E42A controller height temp. Shutoff?

Just got the e42A and can confirm gavita led lights work with this controller. It works great, but can anyone tell me if this device has a high temp. shut off for the lights. It does everything you would need besides that.

I have the e42 controller, not the e42a. I don’t believe these have an auto shutoff, you can setup alerts for temp and humidity and that may help you.

I do have a question for you. Sounds like you bought the controller by it self, if that is true your controller would have come with a power cord with a USB C end to provide power to the controller. Can you take a picture of the specs on that power adapter. I need to buy one and I can’t find the specs.

Good luck.

Tried taking a picture for you but doesn’t let me. I’m currently using the VIVOSUN exhaust fan to power my controller. If you want to power the controller by itself, just type in 12v usb type c transformer in Amazon and it should do the trick. Can you show me how to set the alert for high temp. Currently only getting alerts for humidity not temp. I tried contacting VIVOSUN but they never answer. I ended up going back to my gavita controller for high temp shutdown. I hope they see this and update firmware to have a high temp shut off. It was very convenient to control the gavita lights remotely with the VIVOSUN app.